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  • Palestinian rocket aimed at Jerusalem for 1st time - Palestinian militants fired a rocket aimed at Jerusalem on Friday, setting off air raid sirens throughout the city and opening a new front in three days of fierce fighting between Israel and armed groups in the Gaza Strip.

    Syrian rebels take villages near Israeli-held area - Syrian rebels control almost all the villages near the frontier with the Israel-held Golan Heights, the Israeli defense minister said Wednesday, bringing the conflict dangerously close to the Jewish state and raising the possibility of an armed clash with the region's strongest power.

    Wall Street drops on deficit, Middle East concerns - Stocks slid on Wednesday with declines accelerating after President Barack Obama set up a drawn-out fight over the fiscal cliff when he stuck to his pledge to raise taxes on the wealthy, and as violence increased in the Middle East.

    Israel leads a deadly airstrike in Gaza

    Iran threatens swift retaliation on US bases - Iran declared Wednesday that it can destroy nearby U.S. military bases and strike Israel within minutes of an attack on the Islamic Republic, reflecting tensions over Iran's suspect nuclear program.

    Gay Activists Flip Off Reagan Portrait at White House - Gay activists from Philadelphia posed for pictures while giving the middle finger to a portrait of former President Ronald Reagan during a recent trip to the White House

    Any attack will cause end of Israel, warns Iranian general - "The Zionist regime cannot do the least against Iran but if the regime still considers any military attack against us, then it would cause its own end and collapse," General Mostafa Izadi, Iran's deputy chief of staff, told Fars news agency. The general was referring to the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear sites after negotiations between Iran and the world powers earlier this week in Moscow failed.

    NATO to meet to discuss Syrian downing of Turkish jet - Lungescu said Sunday that under the article, an ally can request consultations "whenever, in the opinion of any of them, their territorial integrity, political independence or security is threatened."

    Euro structure is 'unsustainable,' ECB chief warns - The head of the European Central Bank warned Thursday that the euro currency union is "unsustainable" without stronger political and financial ties, and called for a new course to save it from a crippling debt crisis.

    Muslim Brotherhood candidate Morsi wins Egyptian presidential election - Earlier Sunday, Egyptian police were ordered to confront any attempt to break the law with decisive force ahead of the results being announced, as soaring tensions in the country raised fears of a new outbreak of political violence.

    Israel ready to strike Iran, Lebanon, Gaza if ordered, says military chief - Israeli forces are carrying out more special operations beyond the country's borders and will be ready to attack Iran's nuclear sites, Gaza and Lebanon if ordered, the chief-of-staff said in an interview on Sunday.

    Obama sets out the case for an Israeli strike - When one recognizes Israel's short timeline for attacking, one realizes that when Obama demands that Israel give several more months for sanctions to work, what he is actually demanding is for Israel to place its survival in his hands.

    Israel to Keep US in Dark on Possible Iran Strike - Israel will not alert the U.S. ahead of time if it decides to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, one U.S. intelligence official told The Associated Press. Israeli officials explained the move is intended to protect the United States. That way, the U.S. can't be held responsible for failing to stop an Israeli attack.

    Putin claims victory in Russia's presidential election - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Sunday claimed victory in Russia's presidential election before tens of thousands of cheering supporters, even as the opposition and independent observers insisted the vote had been marred by widespread violations.

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